Top 10 NFL Teams That Need QBs in the 2024 Offseason

With the Super Bowl complete and the coach hiring cycle basically finished, teams are shifting their focus toward the draft and free agency. Unless a team already has one, the top priority is to find a franchise quarterback. It’s not a coincidence that each of the first 3 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft are expected to be QBs. The position is simply the most important across all sports. This week, we’re going to examine which teams are most desperate for new signal callers. These rankings are in reverse order (#1 needs a QB the most). Here are the top 10 NFL teams that need QBs this offseason!

Note: This list assumes that Carolina cannot give up on Bryce Young yet and that Minnesota will re-sign Kirk Cousins.

10. Arizona Cardinals

Back on this list for a second straight season, Arizona is just barely in better shape now. They dropped one spot because when Kyler Murray returned from injury late last season, the Cardinals looked like a halfway decent team. The problem is that he still isn’t very reliable. His slight frame makes him susceptible to injuries, and he still has limitations against better teams. The Cardinals, picking 4th, are just out of range of the top 3 draft QBs. However, Murray’s awful contract makes him tough to replace right now anyway. A developmental prospect (not Clayton Tune) is probably the best Arizona can hope for.

9. Tennessee Titans

For better or worse, Tennessee seems prepared to undergo a full rebuild. QB Ryan Tannehill, who was already benched, is unlikely to return. Neither is star RB Derrick Henry. They also somehow thought that firing HC Mike Vrabel was a good idea. Therefore, their timeline isn’t nearly as urgent as those of the some of the other teams on this list. By all accounts, they also believe in 2023 2nd-round pick Will Levis, who (infrequently) flashed potential as a rookie. The Titans have a new coach though (Brian Callahan), and he might be better off with a blue-chip prospect to build around…if he can acquire one.

8. Chicago Bears

No, I am not a Justin Fields believer. He’s an incredibly gifted runner, but he remains limited as a passer. With the #1 overall pick in their hands by virtue of last year’s Bryce Young trade, the Bears have the ability to fix this problem immediately. Chicago can get some sucker to buy into Fields’ physical gifts and trade a 2nd-round pick for him, adding ammo for their rebuild. This team still lacks talent, so resetting the clock with a fresh rookie contract would be the way to go. Besides, Caleb Williams is the clear-cut best option among the 3 QBs projected to go at the top of round 1. Only Chicago can control where he goes.

7. New York Giants

The Giants appear to have oversold themselves on the growth of Daniel Jones. After a strong season during his first year under HC Brian Daboll, Jones inked a 4-year, $160M contract. The team refused to wait and see if he could duplicate his success (via the franchise tag), and it cost them. Jones performed poorly before tearing his ACL midway though 2023. Unfortunately, the Giants can’t really replace him until next offseason, as his 2024 salary is guaranteed, and his cap hit (exceeding $40M) isn’t going anywhere. A rookie on a cheap contract or some veteran competition is still necessary for the G-Men.

6. Washington Commanders

I personally like Sam Howell more than most do. As I said back in week 16 though, former HC Ron Rivera ruined his Washington career. Armed with the #2 pick, the new regime will be able to select at least their second-favorite QB. Howell won’t fetch the Commanders much in a trade, and he’ll likely be a value to the acquiring team, but it’s time for Washington to move on. Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye are likely to be the draft options, and so I’d prefer a veteran. This isn’t a great free agent market though. The Commanders find themselves in a poor spot, but they have to do SOMETHING, which means trusting in a rookie’s upside.

5. Denver Broncos

This obviously depends on what happens with Russell Wilson. However, he appears to be on the way out, and the Broncos might still be on this list if he stays. It’s no hyperbole to say that the trade for Wilson is one of the worst in NFL history. The decision to immediately hand him a fat contract extension may have been even dumber. Regardless, there’s not much to be done about it now other than to release Wilson (I’m guessing he has no trade value). The team isn’t in a great spot to draft a QB either unless they fall in love with Bo Nix or Michael Penix Jr. Maybe a rebuilding year is in order?

4. Las Vegas Raiders

Vegas decided to run it back with HC Antonio Pierce, but they’d be foolish to do the same under center. Jimmy Garoppolo is as good as gone, and Aidan O’Connell has proven to be a backup at best. I don’t believe the Raiders have the luxury of time to develop a rookie QB. WR Davante Adams is (rightfully) growing restless, and the Raiders have gone against everything he wanted when he green-lit a trade there. Would it be crazy to bring in Joe Flacco? His vertical passing game would mesh well with Adams, and it might unlock a milquetoast offense. As LV grooms a young player, someone like Flacco could make this team interesting.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

I nearly ranked the Steelers first, but Mason Rudolph and his late-season relief work made this situation less dire. He was third on the depth chart for a reason though, and he simply isn’t a starter. Pittsburgh has a championship-level defense when healthy, and it dragged them to the playoffs in 2023. The offense, now led by Arthur Smith as the OC, has to do its end of the bargain. Kenny Pickett is trending toward bust territory, and Mitch Trubisky has been released. A new scheme will do wonders given how little Matt Canada helped matters last year, but a talented QB is still required. No silver bullet appears to be coming.

2. New England Patriots

The only reason that New England isn’t ranked first is that their roster isn’t ready to compete. Only the Jets (who get Aaron Rodgers back) had worse QB play last season. Former first-round pick Mac Jones can officially be declared a bust, and Bailey Zappe is backup material. Mishandling the QB position since Tom Brady retired likely cost HC/GM Bill Belichick his job. Drafting third, the Pats can’t afford to mess this up. They already whiffed once in the last 3 years, and given the strength of Buffalo, Miami, and even potentially the Jets, another failure could leave them in the AFC East basement for years to come.

1. Atlanta Falcons

No team could be improved by a single player as much as Atlanta. In a sorry NFC South, this squad still finished 3rd because Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke were so bad. The defense quietly improved all year, and new HC Raheem Morris should maintain that unit. Offensively, there’s tons of talent. A good offensive line, a three-headed RB room led by Bijan Robinson, and pass catchers like WR Drake London and TE Kyle Pitts should make for a formidable attack…if only someone competent could get them the ball. This feels like another team that should go after a veteran while developing a day-2 rookie.

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